EPISODE 70 – Top 20 of 2021: PART TWO (#10-#1)

The gripping conclusion to last week’s episode. Bucky counts down his Top Ten albums of 2021. Some heavy bits, some jazz, some songwriters. This year was all about getting immersed inside of albums. 

10) Dead World – Vince the Messenger feat. Marquis & The Squid (from their album Trustfall)
9) Croatan – Zao (from their album The Crimson Corridor)
8) Nightswimming – Carlos Niño & Friends (from their album More Energy Fields, Current)
7) Work – Shad feat. Skratch Bastid (from their album TAO)
6) Raz de Maree – Chuck Johnson (from their album The Cinder Grove)
5) Friends with Foxes – Fuubutsushi (from their album Natsukashii)
4) Big Mike’s – Dijon (from their album Absolutely)
3) Space 6 – Nala Sinephro (from their album Space 1.8)
2) Hard Drive – Cassandra Jenkins (from their album An Overview on Phenomenal Nature)
1) Movement #7 – Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & the London Symphony Orchestra (from their album Promises)


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