EPISODE 69 – Top 20 of 2021: PART ONE (#20-#11)

It’s that time of year again when Binky dives into his favourite albums of the year past. This year saw a bunch more ambient/jazz music enter the fray in addition to the usual smattering of pop, rock, hip hop and indie. Here’s the first part of the list, counting down from 20-11 with some most excellent albums!

20) Jour 1 – Hildegard (from their album Hildegard)
19) Thresholds (Through a Hole in the Fence) – Walt McClements (from their album A Hole in the Fence)
18) May Hard Times Pass Us By – Le Ren (from their album Leftovers)
17) Frank Bacon – Liam Kazar (from their album Due North)
16) A Belle Undressing (feat. Claire Rousay) – M. Sage & Friends (from their album Wants a Diamond Pivot Bright)
15) Sir Benni Miles – Armand Hammer & The Alchemist (from their album Haram)
14) Nightwaves – Chad van Gaalen (from their album World’s Most Stressed Out Gardener)
13) I Pity the Country – Willie Dunn (from their anthology Creation Never Sleeps, Creation Never Dies)
12) Space Bar Intro – Your Old Droog (from their album Space Bar)
11) Fear – SAULT (from their album Nine)

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