EPISODE 62 – Ambient Signals

Playing a bunch of wonderful and immersive jazz, ambient and texturally rich music on this week’s episode to celebrate the Send + Receive Festival lineup. Getting very excited about the shows they are bringing to Winnipeg! This is a dive into a corner of the musical map I have only started deeply exploring in the last two years, but the journey deep into the dark, ambient caves has been very rewarding.

Friends with Foxes – Jusell, Primek, Sage, Shirioshi
Pleasewakeupalittlefaster please… – Carlos NiƱo and Friends (feat. Jamael Dean)
A Meditation of Listening – KMRU
Haut Spring – k.burwash
Dec 4th – Matthew Cardinal
Post/Tempo – Gazelle
Requiem for Dying Mothers Pt. 2 – Stars of the Lid