Past Episodes

  • EPISODE 59 – EPs & New New

    The result of another Music Appreciation Night Zoom hang, diving into a bunch of under-represented songs from great EPs. Plus a dive into some new releases that I’ve been vibing […]

  • EPISODE 58 – Floating Pharoah

    An unlikely collaboration between sax explorer Pharoah Sanders and electronic composer/creator Floating Points created the most beautiful and lush album of 2021 so far. Highlighting some work by both artists […]

  • EPISODE 57 – Heat Wave, Meet Dave

    A mish-mash of tunes to help you fight the heat. A bunch of brand new releases, some new discoveries of old. TRACKS PLAYED Work It – Marie Davidson Work – […]

  • EPISODE 56 – Tigers in the Lab

    Keeping it pretty local this week with a few variations. Lotta great grooves. Honestly, the sun is shining bright. I’m recording with the windows open. Birds are coming through town. […]

  • EPISODE 55 – Will Ness Nest Well or Will Wellness Not Swell?

    Lotsa new things. Some old things. Enjoying the changing season and checking in on how everyone is doing. The sun is shining (YAY!), but COVID cases are rising (BOO!). Plus […]

  • EPISODE 54 – A Shot in the Arm

    Celebrating booking my vaccine appointment! Spinning some great tunes from Winnipeg, Canada and beyond. We’ve got beats, vibes, heart-fillers and booty-shakers. I have a radio show. And I share music […]

  • EPISODE 53 – Gloomy —> Sunny

    This week’s episode starts off underground. A little moody, a little gloomy. But as the sunshine starts flowing through my windows, we call an audible and shift to some sunny […]

  • EPISODE 52 – Living Room Hangs

    Just a classic hang in Binky’s living room. Turntables and AUX cords are out and we are sharing nice things. Debuting some fresh tracks, making great radio, being friends. Loving […]