EPISODE 37 – A Cozy Blanket for the Lockdown: PART 3

Winnipeg winter is closing in and we are in full lockdown mode. Let’s be honest, it’s all pretty damn daunting. For the next few weeks Binky will be serving up a cozy sonic blanket made up of sad tunes to sit in, heart-fillers to get you through and some songs to give you that “I can make it through this” sorta vibe. 

Enough About Me – Slow Leaves
After the Afterlife – Chad van Gaalen
Inside Out – Spoon
Ghosts – On An On
Good Fortune – E.GG feat. deadmen & infinit0
Glass – Eliza Niemi
I Feel Like Going Home – Yo La Tengo
California – Fog Lake
I’ll Believe in Anything – Wolf Parade
Drone for Puppies Big and Small – The Brick Road