EPISODE 23 – Tour Part 4: The Great Lakes

Since artists can’t really tour right now (gestures broadly towards the state of the world), Binky Pinder is taking you on the road! We are gonna hop in a van together and tour our way through North America, visiting cities, roadside nature stops, good food and of course, hearing great music from everywhere we pass through. This week leave the East Coast and wrap our way around the Great Lakes.

Hallway – Motherhood
Diego – Victime
Please Don’t Hold Me Hostage For Who I Am, For Who I Was – Thanya Iyer
Tapis – FET.NAT
Heto Na – Pantayo
Tell the Doctor – Wax Mannequin
Goodbye Baby & Amen – Constantines
Lonely – Danny Brown
The Yabba – Battles
Screenplay – Illogic