EPISODE 16 – Winnipeg Nostalgia

On today’s episode I mine my musical past here in Winnipeg. Playing some newer things, but mostly tracks from when I first moved to Winnipeg and started getting involved in the music scene. So many of these songs are tied to memories, moments, friends and places right here in our city. So many formative artists on this list. Let’s feel nostalgic, yeah?

Combs for the Clouds – The Waking Eyes
Local Celebrities – The Paperbacks
Out of Here – Cannon Bros.
Rothstein – E.GG
Laying Mortar – Record of the Week Club
Friction – The Lytics
500% – Boats!
Hypothesist – Novillero
Snakes & Ladders – Sleeping Giant
What Makes the Cherry Red – Christine Fellows
Welcome to the End of the World – The Pets