EPISODE 15 – 2020 Thus Far

As an epilogue to our Top Ten countdown series, I’m sharing some of my favourite tracks from the year 2020 so far. Has been an amazing year for music and the COVID lockdown has sent artists into a releasing frenzy. Which of these will end up on my Top Ten of 2020? Find out in December!

Nowhere No One Knows Where to Find You – Slow Spirit
NONCIPHER – R.A.P. Ferreira
delicate – Jonah Yano
Taranta – Pantayo
Windigo – Anachnid
Wasted – NNAMD├Ć
A Bloody Morning – Owen Pallett
Back to Roslyn – Oneothrix Point Never
Festival – Thom Misch & Yuseff Dayes
Help Me Understand – Zoon
Help Me Understand – Central Heat Exchange